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How to Change an Icon in Mac OS X

Luckily, you can restore the original Quick Look implementation with a quick trip to the Terminal application. Enter the following text at Terminal's command prompt.

Either way, this is a single line of text; characters are case sensitive. The Finder needs to restart before you will see the affect of the XRayFolder command.

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You can either restart your Mac or simply enter the following into Terminal:. To see the new feature in action, highlight a folder on your desktop or in a Finder window, and press the space bar. The Quick Look preview of the selected folder will display, with the folder's icon showing thumbnails of the documents contained within the folder.

Decided you don't like the XRayFolders feature?

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You can turn the capability off by entering the following command in Terminal:. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Defaults write com. Press return or enter, depending on your keyboard layout, to execute the command. Press return or enter.

If you want to move a file that is currently stored in iCloud back to your Mac, click on the disclosure triangle, and select Move To.

The OS X Mountain Lion Home Folder

If the particular destination folder you want is not listed in your favourites, just select any local folder the Desktop for example , then click the drop down box by the Save As box, and browse to the folder that you want. With Apps that support Auto save, you may want to preserve the original file, as Auto save will overwrite the file once you start to make changes. To prevent losing the original version create a copy using duplicate before you start editing.

To duplicate a file, mouse over the title of the document in the title bar, and click the downward pointing disclosure triangle.

How To Change folder icons in Mac OS X

In the pop up that appears, select Duplicate. The App will create a copy of the file. One improvement that Apple has made since Auto save was originally implemented in OS X Lion, is you can now rename the file in the title bar directly after. If you do make some edits before you remember to create a duplicate, you can still get back to your original file. See below. If you want to abandon the changes that you made to your document and go back to the version that you started with, with can with Mountain Lion. To revert your document click Last Opened.

Put Dashboard Widgets Into iOS-Style Folders In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

The Versions window provides a side by side comparison of your current document on the left as well as the previous versions on the right. You can use the time line on the right to select an earlier version. You can click Restore to restore the old version or Done to keep the current version. The Versions Browser window has additional functionality.

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You can go back and restore pieces of your document, not just the whole thing. The same holds true for sections of text. You can copy from a historical version in the right window and paste it into the current version in the left. Handy if you deleted a paragraph that you want to recover. If you press the Alt key down the Restore button becomes Restore a Copy , so that you can actually create a new file from a previous version as well as keeping the current version.

This is handy if you forget to duplicate the file when you started working on it and you want to preserve the original and keep the latest updated version.