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Computing helps IT leaders to make technology a revenue and innovation engine for their businesses. Apple's new operating system presents a series of challenges to developers and now would be a good time to look at the test environment.

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While patched in December , a number of recent Android smartphones have been exploited in the wild. Oracle claims that Oracle Autonomous Linux can tune and patch itself without human intervention.

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Women in IT Excellence. Extracting Insight and Value from the Data Mountain with Augmented Analytics This webinar will discuss how organisations can overcome some of the challenges they are facing in reshaping their people and processes Date: 20 Nov Your Computer. Computing Cyber Security Live In cyber-security hindsight is not a wonderful planning tool, if you're not prepared you're going to find yourself seriously hindered.

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Latest figures from netmarketshare reveal sudden surge in Linux install-base

Cyber AI Response: Threat Report This white paper details 7 case studies of attacks that were intercepted and neutralised by Darktrace cyber defense AI, including a zero-day trojan in a manufacturing company's network. That number is slightly above expectations. The contraction, IDC says, can be blamed on a shortage of Intel processors at the low-end of the market. Although the shortage of Intel processors, mostly at the lower end, remained a factor in seeing a contraction in 1Q19, the market performed better than expected with most regions exceeding forecast.

Stronger than expected desktop shipments further boosted volume, coming on the heels of a tough previous quarter, 4Q18 , which had lackluster consumer demand and desktop supply issues. In terms of shipments, Mac numbers were down slightly from 4.

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Going forward, IDC says hardware issues — such as keyboard problems — could affect Mac sales:. Apple saw a slight decline during the quarter with 4. Internet of Things. Five things you should look for in choosing a Testing provider Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex.

View all whitepapers. Windows 10 is finally The Don after 3 years. Send to. Software Microsoft says the Windows 10 October Update is finally business-ready. Software Windows 10 will now automatically uninstall borked updates.

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Software Microsoft boasts that Windows 10 now powers million devices. Tim Cook hints that handset subscriptions could one day be a thing An Apple a day keeps the bank manager away Hardware 01 November And they're off Hardware 01 November The latest Motorola foldable Razr looks too good to be true in leaked renders Razr the roof Hardware 01 November Python creator Guido van Rossum quits Dropbox, triggering his retirement.

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