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Hi Thomas it would be great to try different types of travis picking I am trying fingers and brain getting there slowly thanks for you help terry Reply. Terry June 16, Tomas July 25, BERT June 17, Ros Mickens June 15, I can see your such a kind man you have passion for you teaching it helps me no end thank you terry Reply.

Learn How To Play “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

Terry June 15, Thanks Thomas Reply. Allan June 15, It is just blank. Hi Connie, The video is there and everybody can view it. Tomas June 16, Farid June 15, Great video Because I am learning finger pickin along with my electric. Jim June 15, Never learned to read tabs, do you have a video teaching that?

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It turns out that this is a very simply song…if you use a capo! So here it is:.

In addition to learning the chords for Landslide , I was challenged to learn a picking pattern for my right hand. I was pleased to discover that the song still is true, even with a slightly different pattern. To play along with the recording, you want to put your capo on the third fret, but I use the capo on the 4th fret making the song in E instead of Eb to fit my vocal range. The pattern that my guitar teacher wrote out for me is as follows:.

I ended up changing the pattern to something that my brain and fingers could actually replicate comfortably and allowed me to sing as I played. I also tend not to repeat the lower notes, as my singing voice is on the low side.

What I actually play is:. Part of making a song your own is sorting out the different melodies and harmonies in your head and playing what feels right to you, in the space you have for the note. There is no wrong way to play the pattern, within the chord.

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The joy of learning Landslide is that there are many different finger style patterns that fit the basic feel of the song. Experimenting with what feels and sounds good to you is part of the fun of playing.

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Although I try to be consistent, I do occasionally change the picking pattern to suit my vocals. The song is amazing, as I never get tired of playing or singing it. I started to play Landslide , which David knows is a standard for me, and he surprised me by playing the most beautiful counterpoint to my now standard picking pattern. I was thrilled at how wonderful the song sounded with the second guitar.

My own guitar playing has been a matter of two philosophies — keep things simple and try to bring a different voice to the proceedings. This was best accomplished by mimicking her pattern but overlaying it with higher voicings. In essence, it sounds like someone is playing an impossible-to-finger chord pattern on one guitar.