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So if you want to install gdal2. New since Geoserver 2. Start Geoserver by starting Tomcat first. This is the preferred version, since it compiles the latest gdal 2. If your GDAL version does not include a bindings jar, it was probably not compiled with the java bindings and will not work with GeoServer.


Before starting Geoserver 2. This is setenv. This chapter is somewhat outdated! Prefer the compilation of gdal2. Python Requirements Fiona depends on the modules enum34 , six , cligj , munch , argparse , and ordereddict the two latter modules are standard in Python 2. Development and testing Building from the source requires Cython. This bug has been fixed in commit d.

There are no other changes to the package. The package can now be built and used with GDAL 3. Note that the 1. This bug is fixed.

Set up an Anaconda environment

Upcoming changes: In version 1. Version 1.

In version 2. This resolves A combination of bugs which allowed. On entering a collection context Collection.

Context Navigation

This makes with fiona. This helps prevent bugs when Collections are created and then used later or in different scopes. A regression in handling of polygons with M values has been fixed. Per-feature debug logging calls in OGRFeatureBuilder methods have been eliminated to improve feature writing performance Support has been added for triangle, polyhedral surface, and TIN geometry types Opened data sources are now released before we raise exceptions in WritingSession.

This fixes an issue with locked files on Windows. Thanks, everyone! Bug fixes: We cpdef Session. This fixes a bug reported to the Rasterio project and which also existed in Fiona. An unused import of the packaging module and the dependency have been removed This mistake has been corrected The Mapping abstract base class is imported from collections.

Refactoring: Standardization of the tests on pytest functions and fixtures continues and is nearing completion , , , , Bug fixes: Rasterio CRS objects passed to transform module methods will be converted to dicts as needed Implicitly convert curve geometries to their linear approximations rather than failing Root logger configuration has been removed from all test scripts Dependency on attrs is made explicit.

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Other dependencies are pinned to known good versions in requirements files. Unused arguments have been removed from the Env constructor The command functions themselves are now simplified. All users should switch to fiona. Env , which registers format drivers and manages GDAL configuration in a reversible manner. Bug fixes: The Collection class now filters log messages about skipped fields to a maximum of one warning message per field The boto3 module is only imported when needed , Compatibility with Click 7.

Added support for GDAL 2.

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A new fio rm command makes it possible to cleanly remove multi-file datasets The geometry type in a feature collection is more flexible. Support for GDAL 2. Bug fixes: The bug involving OrderedDict import on Python 2. An AttributeError raised when the --bbox option of fio-cat is used with more than one input file has been fixed , Obsolete and derelict fiona. Require six version 1. This improves performance when writing GeoPackage files as the previous transaction size was only features , Instead there is a base extension module based on GDAL 2.

This bug is resolved by a number of commits in the maint An --encoding option has been added to fio-load to enable creation of encoded shapefiles with an accompanying. Sync and flush layers when closing even when the number of features is not precisely known Replace all relative imports and cimports in Cython modules with absolute imports Also we now ensure that when this error is raised by fiona.

Tan is a pug. The 1. This regression has been fixed with tests to confirm. It will be removed in Fiona 2. Bug fix: Zipped streams of bytes can be accessed by BytesCollection Enable —precision 0 for fio-cat Prevent datetime exceptions from unnecessarily stopping collection iteration by yielding None Replace log.

Let dict-like subclasses through CRS type checks Refactoring: The ogrext1. Packaging: Source distributions now contain two different sources for the ogrext extension module. The ogrext1. New feature: a new fio-calc CLI command New feature: —layer options for fio-info and fio-load New feature: a —no-parse option for fio-collect that lets a careful user avoid extra JSON serialization and deserialization Bug fix: a small memory leak when opening a collection has been fixed Bug fix: internal unicode errors now result in a log message and a UnicodeError exception, not a TypeError Bug fix: proj4 data was not copied properly into binary distributions due to a typo New BytesCollection class Implement CLI commands as plugins Raise click.

New test dataset Fix for encoding error Remove confusing warning Add data files for binary wheels Add control over drivers enabled when reading datasets Fix fio-info —bounds help Skip geopackage tests if run from an sdist Add fio-bounds and fio-distrib. Restore fio-dump to working order. Add -f and —format aliases for —driver in CLI Add —version option and env command to CLI. Return of Python 2. Improved CRS support Move fio to setuptools entry point Add fio dump and load commands Remove fio translate command. Write datetime properties of features Reset spatial filtering in filter This method installs all dependencies using hosted packages.

Linux builds are available with osx builds coming soon. Once this is resolved, osx builds will be posted.

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Build recipes may be found in the conda-esmf GitHub repository. There are tests for the optional dependencies. These will fail if the optional dependencies are not installed! Set the path to the directory containing the shapefile folders in ocgis.