Back to my mac ipad time capsule

All the connected drives will appear and you can pick the external drive and boot to it to get your Mac up and running. Select it from the drop down next to the word Copy.

Mobile Backup Guide

Then, choose the target drive in the second drop down box. After the program finishes the two drives will have the same contents.

SuperDuper lets users customize how files get backed up. There are a lot of features and some automation that makes it easy to set it and forget it. The program comes with a PDF file that does a great job of explaining its features.

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Choose your source drive and then choose a destination drive. Set the user settings and click on Clone to start the process. The program lets users select which files to copy.

Here are three quick and easy alternatives to Back to My Mac in macOS Mojave

You either choose All files or pick Selected files. If the user turns on Safety Net a switch below the destination drive button , the program will protect files that the user deleted since their last backup as space allows. This makes it possible to keep backups without cluttering the internal hard drive of the Mac. Carbon Copy Cloner will also create image files of the drive.

Users can customize how they receive notifications when the process completes: an email or using the OS X system notifications.

How to use Cloud Drive

The program also allows the user to schedule backups. Since a person can reinstall their operating system and apps, the user only needs to backup personal files. The program also includes the following features making it great for backing up files. If you want to use a cloud backup solution for backing up just your personal files, consider using one of the great file syncing services.

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A 3rd-party cloud backup service that offers the most complete option, but it also costs more than most. Check out these popular services. This makes it more like the above file syncing services. In the above screen shot, notice that iDrive offers iDrive account backup and local backup. Connect it to your network and backup over Wi-Fi. It lets you select specific files or folders and chose to either put them back where they were originally or you can download them to a different spot, like your Mac Desktop.

Do this if you want to put it back in place manually. For example, remote backup control through their website and mobile apps so you can reach your files from anywhere.

How To Remote Access A Mac From macOS, Windows, iPad or iPhone - Macworld UK

The apps also backup phone or tablet content. It also syncs files between all mobile devices and backs up Instagram and Facebook accounts. Use it to share files or folders with others and view your backed up images or videos within the app. Backblaze also offers a solid backup service for a comparable price. This makes it a better deal for those who need more than 1TB of backup storage. Click on the little flame icon to access the following:. It includes many of the key features you get with iDrive. It comes preconfigured to start backing up the moment the user starts up the utility. Users can add more files to the backup since Backblaze backs up user files but excludes apps and OS X files by default.

Backblaze offers three options to restore your Mac backup files. But there are some advanced steps that you should know about. If you have any additional questions about getting started with or using Time Machine, let us know in the comments. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station?

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